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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) relates to the marketing strategy that a business uses to get to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). These SEO strategies include using the best web  copy, quality link building, good press coverage, SEO firendly web design, on page keyword optimization, and in some cases PPC to elevate the authority and trust value of a website. Most companies don’t usually use every type of SEO strategy to get to the top, but it’s important to find out which methods work best for your company.

At Sydney Search Results, we are experts when it comes to understanding a the business goals and desired outcomes of our clients, and we create custom bespoke SEO strategies based on our analysis of your company. We can tell you whether you should use just one or several of the SEO marketing strategies to reach the top, and we can implement those strategies for you.

Our leading Sydney SEO tactics, in addition to our constant research, development, and innovation, have brought great success to our clients and contribute to our expertise as an SEO marketing specialist.

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Your company used to use billboards and and maybe TV or radio advertisements to make sales, and so you can easily understand the value of reaching out to potential consumers. But today in 2017, the Internet has dramatically changed your market in completely new and innovative ways— in one way it has made it both easier and more of a challenge to reach out to your potential consumers and pitch to them that they need your product or service.
On one hand, now the market is so overcrowded that your customers are constantly bombarded with information which forces them to wade through masses of data in order to find the products and services they really need. On the other hand, SEO marketing has created a way for businesses to reach out exclusively to people already on the hunt for their services, drilling down into markets in which people are actually searching for your products. With this targeted way of advertising, SEO has become the ultimate marketing solution for businesses on the Internet as it allows you to reach the people who are looking for you.

Perhaps you may be new to this way of marketing, but the team at Sydney Search Results has been reaching consumers and with connecting them since 2003 with the services and products that they’re looking for. Our clients’ services over their competitors. We utilise our SEO expertise to provide information, build trust, and engage with consumers to encourage conversions and sales.

Don’t neglect your SEO strategies—enhance your organic traffic and revenue when you partner with Sydney Search Results.

SEO Value Of Existing Clients Website From $0 to $80k / Month in Under A Year

About Us At Our Sydney SEO Agency

Sydney Search Results has one of the most effective recruitment strategies in the Sydney SEO industry. With our recruitment pathway, we have built a team to exceed our client expectations on each and every project. We settle for only the best and will work relentlessly for our clients until their goals are achieved.

Our team members are from diverse backgrounds including the USA, Australia & the U.K., and Sydney Search Results is therefore uniquely positioned to move with the changing online environment. We use the experience and perspectives from our people with a working background from around the world to make sure we can come up with the most innovative ways to approach consumers in the today’s market.

Be advised, avoid Sydney SEO agencies that use old cheap tricks and flashy gimmicks to increase your traffic in the short time. That’s why you should choose an agency that knows how to develop long-term increases in your organic traffic and revenue that will last for yours.

Discover the SSR Difference.


When you work with Sydney Search Results, our main mission is to ensure we understand everything about your business. Whether it’s the good, the not so good, or even the slightly blemished, we are interested in how you carry out your business on a day by day basis, ensuring we know what makes your business tick, and where it needs to position itself for growth.

One of the ways we can discover how  your company operates is through a our Website Audit process. During the audit, we  will analyse your website and discover what sales processes are going well, as well as areas that need improvement. We are not just interested in changes to your colour scheme and font style however, we are  looking at the whole conversion process of visitor to sales and the signals that search engines like Google use when ranking your site in the search results.

While other Sydney SEO companies may pass over these details, at SSR we know that when being deeply analysed by the biggest search engines on the internet, you must not cut corners or skip any salient SEO features.

Some of the SEO areas that our audit examines include:

  • Title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt attributes
  • URL structure
  • Navigation structure
  • Duplicate copy check
  • Backlink review


Sydney Search Results has worked with a lot of businesses across a number of different industries and market verticals and we have helped a wide variety of companies, both medium to large and small, transition to online marketing and have ensured that they succeed with our quality SEO strategies. Call us to us today and take your business to the next level.

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