5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Local Sydney SEO Rankings Results

5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Rankings & Results

Unless you make a point of offering global services to your audience, the chances are that you’ll have a particular market; one that is entirely localised. The most irritating thing that I come across when helping small business clients to rank online is that their larger competitors often try to overwhelm the market, leaving slim pickings for the small company owners out there.

Ranking for ridiculously competitive keywords can take time – and in my opinion, this isn’t always the best option for all online businesses; particularly those that offer local services such as cleaning or construction, or even food-orientated businesses such as restaurants.

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In these cases, the best option can sometimes be to keep your search results as local as possible; that is to modify your approach to SEO and focus on appealing to customers and clientele in your area.

So, without further ado, here are 5 quick ways that you could maximise the effect of your localised SEO!

Pick your local SEO results keywords carefully

If you live in Bankstown, Chatswood, or even the Central Business District why on earth wouldn’t you want to showcase your location?

Instead of opting for keywords like ‘men’s watches Sydney’, wouldn’t it make more sense to be as specific as possible? For instance, ‘men’s watches Bankstown’ can be far more beneficial.

Don’t steal from other websites

If you want to rank highly on Google’s search result pages in Sydney, then for make sure that your content is unique. Search engines actively scan for duplicated content and punish offenders.

The more relevant your copy, the more likely you will be to display highly within search results.

When paired with localised keywords, this can create a powerhouse of ranking potential.

Showcase your talents

If you recently did a lot of work in a particular suburb, or if you offered products and services to customers somewhere in Sydney; don’t be afraid to showcase your talents!

Every time that you feature a new review or testimonial, Google will read it and evaluate any locations mentioned – so just be sure to have the areas that you cover mentioned.

Pay attention to your Meta data

Your Meta data (including your page titles and descriptions) are some of the first things that search engines use to work out your niche.

Use these sections wisely! If you offer a cleaning service in Chatswood, make that clear with a page title like ‘Local Cleaning Services in Chatswood’.

Don’t forget to include a map

Most smartphones come complete with Google Maps as standard these days, but it’s not just mobile users that might want to see where your office is located – your customers may want to as well.

By adding a map using Google’s own application, you’ll be telling the search engine where you’re based; whilst helping your customers to find you easily.