Google Penalty & Your Website

Could Your Website Be Heading Toward a Google Penalty?

Back in the old days, when the internet was still in its youth, Google used to be a lot like those beloved grandparents that you could jump all over and still be able to eat from the fridge. These days however a lot has changed – and much of this shift in personality has to do with people trying to abuse Google’s policies.

How long would it have taken your gramps to clap you ‘round the ear if you kept pestering him? Not long, if yours was anything like mine!

So really, you could consider Google your angry old grandpa. Loving and thoughtful, but easily irritated and definitely willing to dish out a punishment if necessary. But instead of a phone call to your parents, Google will take matters into their own hands by targeting your online presence.

How do they do this?

In the form of penalties, of course. Google make a point of releasing updates to their algorithms (such as Penguin and Panda). These algorithms are tasked with finding out all about a website’s internal data and structure, as well as cross-referencing this info with databases to gauge whether the site is above board; or up to no good.

And what constitutes no-good?

If I’m honest; any website deemed to be manipulating Googles’ search results. If you overuse keywords, pay for backlinks, use false information, or mislead the search engine in general – you could end up facing a pretty hefty penalty.

How severe are these penalties?

That all depends on the gravity of the ‘crime’. Although they aren’t technically the internet police, Google certainly act like it – and as they have a huge demand of the web’s authority, who am I to argue? Minor abuses can result in temporary punishments that can be lifted, once the issues are taken care of. For major breaches, complete delisting can ensue.

As you might imagine, this can put a complete halt to a companies’ SEO efforts.

That’s why I’m constantly encouraging my clients to take a softly-softly approach. With it, I’ll be able to focus on the key elements to help your website to rank as highly as possible, with minimal risk of breaching any of Google’s policies.

It’s this level of care and attention to detail that you won’t always find with SEO providers.

If you’re worried that your current provider is using unsavoury tricks and techniques to rank your website, if you feel like you’re at risk of a penalty, or if you just want expert SEO advice and opinions – why not send me a quick email, or give me a quick call? I’m always happy to help and considering the security of your website could be at risk (and your profits), what have you got to lose?

But to avoid the risk altogether – don’t spam keywords, don’t rely on hundreds of irrelevant backlinks from external websites, don’t try to mislead Google into thinking that you offer more than you do and don’t hire low quality SEO providers!