Could Your Small Business Benefit from SEO?

Could Your Small Business Benefit from SEO?

Think of a big website – any big website. Google doesn’t count, but let’s imagine that you are thinking of something along the lines of Wikipedia. That’s a beast of a site, with hundreds of thousands of pages that have been built over the course of years and years.

But how did it get there? Was Wikipedia born the global web giant that it is these days? Of course not! In fact there would have been a day where the website would have been brand new to the World Wide Web, without a single link nor more than a handful of pages.

So, what changed exactly? If you’re a small business owner then I’d definitely advise you to pull your chair in and listen up.

All websites have to start from somewhere.

But where?

Well, as soon as you have your website ready to be made live, this will be as good a time as any. Actually when I think about it, most of the large companies that I provide SEO services to actually used to be small in comparison, when they first approached me.

Search engine optimisation can actually take a brand new website, or even a fresh business, and maximise its reach, the size of its audience and even how much money it makes every year.

So, what could this mean for you? Just imagine your website at the top of the results on Google for a particularly competitive keyword. It sounds a little far-fetched right now, doesn’t it?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve actually seen what effective SEO strategies can do to a business, so much so that I’m confident when I say that without it, even the largest of websites wouldn’t so much as exist today.

Where do I come in?

Think of it like this: if you want to compete with the big players in your industry, doesn’t it make more sense to actually become one of them? Nobody likes a try hard and that’s why I’d suggest developing your online presence in a way that will push you, no – CARRY YOU to the top spot.

Once you’re there, the results will speak for themselves.

If you’ve put in the hard work to create an effective layout, if your content is compelling and if you offer a great range of products or services, then your reward shouldn’t take too long to come to fruition.

A high visibility online doesn’t just mean more eyes on you – it can actually spell the difference between your business settling into the ‘small’ category, or taking the world by storm and turning over 5, 6 and even 7 figure profits every year.

Whoever said that small businesses would always be small in nature clearly hadn’t considered the introduction of SEO. With it, you could become a market leader. Without it, you’ll have to settle for the basics unfortunately – and I’d never suggest basic when it comes to the internet.